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     Gelu, age 35-40, is a crook who has several obscure deals in Romania and abroad. Coming back from a „business trip" in Germany, he lands on the Iasi airport, instead of Bucharest, because of the bad weather, and meets Mira on the train trip to Bucharest. The young girl (16-17) left her small town in the Republic of Moldova and intends to go to Bucharest to make a living. They become acquainted on the train and they get down in Bucharst together, as Mira is attracted to Gelu, a rather handsome and strong man. Together, they show up at the wedding of Gelu's sister, in a small village, where their "relationship" really starts on the night of the wedding.
     Gelu promises to help her settle in the city and find a job. He invites hr to live at his place for a while, even though his spot is not a "five star hotel". Mira accepts, believing she struck gold.
     The flat resembles a cavern; it is located in an unfinished block and is kept by a grotesque keeper - Danut, Gelu's left hand man. Gelu's right hand man makes his appearance soon - Raul - a small time criminal trying to make it big, even though he's always broke. Their mission is to watch the girl, who doesn't have a clue as to Gelu's true plan.
     Indeed, the latter plans to leave Mira pregnant in order to sell the resulting baby to a German couple, with the help of his money-addicted lawyer and a crooked doctor.
     Mira soon becomes bored and resents the company of the two "missing links", but Gelu, taking advantage of the fact that she loves him, manages to convince her to accept the situation for some time.
     But as Mira's pregnancy grows, Danut and Raul go through more or less burlesque situations, trying to make money in the violent and cruel underground life of Bucharest city. Gelu supervises the whole thing from the shadow, busy with other deals of his and hiding from the cops.
     From time to time, we see a strange young man, a „roller-skater", whose destiny is closely tied to the entire story, even though by pure chance.
     Mira follows Danut and Raul through several escapes from one hideaway spot to another, all of them in the city outskirts, near depots or railway stations. Even though her future is grim, Danut and Raul, as asked by Gelu, attempt to bring some fun into her life.
Unable to take it anymore, Mira tries to run away but is soon caught by the two of them. Near the term of her pregnancy, she is seen by the lawyer and the doctor. She's due to go the doctor's clinic on the next day, as she is about to give birth to a child.
Mira, seemingly asleep, overhears a discussion about the fate of her child and decided she would escape on the same night. She manages to get to the "Obor" railway station, where there's a chase between lines and train cars; she finally meets the roller-skater and gets on an train just leaving the station. The roller-skater is hurt in an accident: his backbone is broken and he remains an invalid.
Mira dies in childbirth on the train, but the child is saved and taken to the clinic, under the doctor's care. Gelu receives his share of the money, but he's shaken by Mira's death - he never intended that.
Danut and Raul are as broke now as in the beginning; they are caught in a street fight and arrested. The roller-skater dies in the same street fight; he got caught in it by chance, at the worst possible time.
     The lawyer and the doctor are the only winners - they can sure use the money. Life in Bucharest goes on as usual.