3 Pazeste!

What is "3 Pazeste?"

It is a film. A long feature fiction movie filmed on digital media, and this is its synopsis.

The idea of the script belongs to Ovidiu Georgescu and is based on a real life story (the girl - Mira - actually existed). The film's screenplay was written by Ovidiu Georgescu and Viorel Florean during July-August 1999.

Since then and until early 2000, Ovidiu tried to raise funds, using the conventional ways and means available in Romania (application with the one and only state-subsidized organization in the field), so that the screenplay finally becomes a movie. It didn't work; we did not really hope it would work, but at least we tried. Between giving up the film and waiting a few more years, we chose to simply start shooting with whatever means we can get, including actors and crew who are friends and who would be willing to work for free, just for the fun of it. A few months went by, we almost let it go, but finally we started shooting on July 17, 2000!

We still don't know what will come out of it, but do hope that the final result, even if not a comedy in the classical meaning of the word, will embody the black humor that often inspired us in writing the screenplay and shooting the movie.